Stretching the Canvas: Ghouls, video games and Halloween

canvas joker feature
Get into the Halloween spirit with Canvas. There are lots of Halloween pictures to scare you.

Canvas has been in the Halloween mood all this week with no less than 20 posts featuring clever costumes, altered images, and of course, memes.

The culmination of the Halloween love-fest came to a head today with a fresh batch of holiday themed stickers to hand out. They include a pumpkin, ghost, bleeding heart and skull.

In a new weekly series, the Canvas team has joined forces with Drawcast, a group of CollegeHumor artists, to draw pictures every Sunday in front of a live-stream audience on UStream. Those images are then uploaded to the Drawcast Canvas group for all to admire, and remix.

Here’s what else happened on Canvas for the week of Oct. 28.


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