Obama's "wrong number" face inspires GIFs and remixes

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The POTUS put on a smirk after he got a wrong number while working a campaign phone bank in Florida.

Leading the most powerful country in the world while trying to get your job renewed for four more years is exhausting.

Just take one look at President Barack Obama’s face in the latest photo making the meme rounds.

The photo featured Obama on the phone at a Orlando, Fla., fundraiser. He apparently called the wrong number and made a funny-looking face once he realized his mistake.

“Hi is this Ann? Hi, is this Ann? Oh, I'm sorry, I must have the wrong number,” Obama said, according to a tweet from ABC News' Devin Dwyer.

The photo from the Associated Press shot to the top of Reddit’s front page, where it collected more than 2,300 comments and dozens of remixes.

“I imagine with the storm duties on top of coming into the final stretch of the election, this guy has barely slept at all. He doesn't look so bad for the wear though...if I was in that situation, I'd look like I'd just crawled out from under a rock after a meth binge,” gloomdoom commented.

The following are the best remixes posted on Reddit (and check out one from the Daily Dot).

All photos via Reddit

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