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Happy Thor's day!

• Check your heart. Is it warm enough? No? Then watch this video of a retirees' a cappella group singing "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" at a Tim Horton's in Canada. That should do the trick.

The most glorious "special instructions" customers have requested on New York's dominant food-delivery app, Seamless.  

Here's a voice-acting highlight reel by the guy who does the Bop-It sounds. 

Maude Apatow does the best Kardashian impressions.

Samsung has a cool new flexible phone screen. Sayonara, cracks. 

Forty thousand years of musical expression culiminate in this remix of Al Roker saying "I pooped my pants."

• Rejoice! Google Maps is back on Windows Phone.

• The Stark kids—Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, and Isaac Hempstead Wright—record a delightfully awkward hip-hop version of the Game of Thrones theme.

• Ugh. Here's a gallery of elf cats, the Internet's new favorite creepy pet.

Above: A Japanese inventor demonstrates how we'll answer our smartphones in the future. Don't try this at home!