Saudi man divorces wife for using Twitter

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A Saudi man was offended by his wife's secret Twitter account after finding out that she had both male and female followers.

A Saudi Arabian man divorced his wife after she kept her Twitter account hidden from him. He asked her to delete it upon discovering she had both male and female followers.

She refused, according to Arab News, and after the husband decided to divorce her, the woman returned to her father's home (in Saudi Arabia's patriarchal society, a woman must have a male guardian).

The woman refused an offer to delete the account in exchange for a payment from her husband, claiming his demands were not justified and that merely having a Twitter account could not be grounds for such a large-scale dispute. Still, efforts to reunite the couple continue, with the family members saying the reconciliation offer may be doubled.

In a country in which men can track their wives using text message, women are not allowed to drive, and gender segregation has reached the point where women-only cities are being built, it might not come as too much of a surprise that a husband would not want his wife sharing her thoughts with the rest of the world without consulting him first.

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