How the Web reacted to Putin's victory

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News about the heavily anticipated 'Star Wars' film is starting to trickle in.

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Russian cat
The New York Times's man in Moscow curates the elections as they unfolded in social media.

At the Daily Dot, we’re big fans of Storify. It’s both a tool we use to tell stories and a community of other storytellers. When the Web reacts to a big news event, we’ll use Storify to bring you the best recaps and explainers.

For an expert selection of reactions to the Russian presidential elections, who better to look to than Glenn Kates of the New York Times’s Moscow bureau? His comprehensive Storify collects claims of voter fraud on Twitter and examines some of the most revealing (and strangest) videos from polling stations across Russia.

5 million Gmail passwords leaked to Russian Bitcoin forum
Nearly 5 million usernames and passwords appear to have been published on a Russian Bitcoin forum.
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