Pot smoking Internet addicts rejoice, there's finally an awards show set to satisfy your weed addictions. Introducing The Munchies, a production of Reddit, to be hosted on April 20. 

Reddit general manager Erik Martin announced the awards show last night, writing on Reddit weed haven r/Trees that "The Munchies will not be burned by traditional categories [man], rigid rules [dude], and fake gravitas [muchacho]." 

He also added that the awards would be announced via video on that unofficial global smokers day by the one and only Reddit user Here_Comes_The_King AKA Snoop Lion AKA Snoop Dogg AKA Calvin Broadus AKA Snoop D-O-Double-Gazee, who's no stranger to Reddit's stoner cypher

Snoop, who's been hard at work promoting the April 23 release of his 12th solo album Reincarnated, announced the news on Twitter by writing that he's "got tha munchies."

Martin began soliciting award categories immediately, turning to r/Trees' 435,300 ends for their suggestions on the subject. Below: a ranked list of the most marijuana-enhanced idea for actual awarded distinctions.

Image via Keith Urbowicz/Imgur

  • Greatest Stoner Engineering Feat
  • Greatest Epiphany
  • Best Cottonmouth Cure
  • 4/20 King and Queen - users who embrace the holiday the best
  • An "In this moment I am euphoric" category
  • Most Delicious 4/20 blunt
  • Most colorful Nug
  • Coolest shape of nose
  • Stoned cold fox - the sexiest ent. (eyes gotta be red and squinty for proof)
  • Thickest hotbox (with the dimensions of the room, and before and after pics)

People, lay off the pot for one second, please.


Photo via Snoop Dogg/Facebook