When you kill and eat a rattlesnake, you must prove it to Reddit

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Also in today's Reddit Digest: Married life, Gary Johnson, and a perfect Dutch morning. 

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Picture of the day: Daffodils and a windmill make for a perfect Dutch morning. (r/RuralPorn)

Hottest subreddit: r/pokemonzetaomicron (2 days)

How to kill and cook a squirrel, according to Reddit (NSFL)
Although it was almost overshadowed by the hullabaloo of some president swearing an oath, Monday, Jan. 21 is Squirrel Appreciation Day. Reportedly created in 2001 by conservationist Christy Hargrove, the day is meant to honor those acorn-burying, occasionally-flying, big-toothed little buggers.
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