Reddit writes the new "Justice League" series

Despite the risks, undocumented immigrants are finding ways to thrive online
There are nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants in America—and more of them are speaking out about their struggles and stereotypes.

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Also in today's Reddit Digest: A redditor's 94-year-old great-grandfather hosts an AMA.


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Picture of the day: No trains will be arriving at the abandoned New York Central Train Terminal in Buffalo, NY. (r/AbandonedPorn)

Hottest subreddit: r/Neverwinter (2 days)

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The 16 greatest Reddit voting GIFs of all time
On social news site Reddit, a post lives and dies by the votes it receives. The more orange up-arrows each one receives, the higher probability a post has of reaching the coveted front page of the site. By contrast, with too many blue down-arrows, a post becomes increasingly irrelevant, buried beneath hundreds, if not thousands, of other submissions.
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