The Reddit app that Google banned last month for "sexually explicit material" has returned—with one major adjustment.

Google is probably the greatest porn discovery tool ever invented. But the company’s Google Play store has adopted a particularly prudish attitude towards sex. Andrew Shu, creator of third-party app “Reddit is Fun,” learned that first-hand last month when Google banned his app for including “sexually explicit material.”

Two weeks later, “Reddit is Fun” has returned—with one major adjustment.

The heart of the problem for Shu’s app: It included some of Reddit’s NSFW forums on its default list. Shu cleared those out, submitted an appeal on March 24, and on April 2, Google let his app back on the store’s digital shelves.

Check out the free version of the app here. And don’t worry. The NSFW links may have disappeared from the default list, but you can still find them using the app’s internal search, proving that Google is totally fine with porn—so long as you have to search for it.

Image by JD Hancock

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