Today on Reddit, Josh Rushing of Al Jazeera English, the lingering harm of a nuclear bomb, and Reddit's sexism problem makes the leap to the real world.

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  • If you watched the documentary Control Room, which profiled Al Jazeera during the early years of the Iraq War, then you'll remember the army spokesperson who struggled mightily to convey the U.S. military's message to the skeptical Arab journalists. His name was Josh Rushing, and he shortly left the U.S. military to help launch Al Jazeera English. Yesterday, he did an AMA. (/r/IAmA)

  • How long wouild it take for evidence of a nuclear explosion to disappear? A radiation engineer has the answer. (/r/askscience)

  • "I've heard lots of rape jokes, some guys semi-jokingly bothered me about "my r/gonewild username" (for the record I don't have one), one guy suggested multiple times that I sit on his lap, and I got questioned about my masturbation habits." Reddit's sexism problem apparently makes the leap to Reddit meetups. (/r/TwoXChromosomes)

  • Do financial incentives actually make us dumber? r/TrueReddit discusses an article on the so-called "candle problem" at Nature. (/r/TrueReddit)

  • Stuart, Va. is apparently home to Reddit's worst scammer. The town is now the one and only geographical on r/Food_Pantry's blacklist. That subreddit's moderator says the scammer hits Reddit's other charitable sections as well. (/r/Food_Pantry)

  • What's with all the vulgar all caps names on Reddit? You know, people like POTATO_IN_MY_ANUS, I_RAPE_CATS, and so on. r/TheoryOfReddit discusses the phenomenon. "Reddit is full of kids," elietl writes. "That's all the explanation you should need" (/r/theoryofreddit)

  • "I think this is why lots of old hunters you hear about go out in the woods week after week and never seem to come back with anything. I can't tell you how many old hunters told me about the 'beautiful buck' they saw that day - and somehow he always manages to get away." Deradius writes about the ethics of hunting and the sympathy hunters feel for their prey. (/r/DepthHub)

  • A 24-year-old ex-convict who served time in maximum security prisons describes life on the inside. (/r/IAmA)

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments.

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