Thanks, Jeff Sonderman, for compiling the best reactions to the Pulitzer Prize.

At the Daily Dot, we’re big fans of Storify. It’s both a tool we use to tell stories and a community of other storytellers. When the Web reacts to a big news event, we’ll use Storify to bring you the best recaps and explainers.

People sure had a lot of fun on Twitter today at the expense of the Pulitzers today. But while the awards may seem like a symbol of an old, outmoded journalistic guard to some, that doesn’t take anything away from the winners.

Poynter’s Jeff Sonderman (if they ever start giving out Pulitzers for Storifys, Sonderman will probably bag the first) has collected some of the best reactions from this year’s crop of winners:

Photo by Joshua Hersh
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