Where some artists would be moved to sue, Psy was honored by the restaurant's name.

South Korean demigod Psy announced yesterday that he will not sue the Los Angeles restaurant that's named itself after "Gangnam Style," his hit song and most prized possession.

According to TMZ, who claim to have spoken with "sources close to the singer" the reason is simple: Where he comes from, imitation is a form of honor.

Apparently, so is piggybacking.

In case anybody on this planet has forgotten, "Gangnam Style" is that song with the horses and the dancers and the horsey dancers and all that other silly stuff. Last week, its YouTube video became the most watched of all time, surpassing the view count for Justin Bieber's “Baby”, which hopefully means we're all free to ignore the sum of Bieber's output for now and the immediate future.

Gangnam Style, the song's affectionately imitating restaurant, is located in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles on the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and North Manhattan Place. It's the reopened shop once known as Soju Town, a Korean joint that earned three stars on Yelp during its existence and became known for its "chicken wings and everything else."

Since changing its name to pay homage to that "little fat guy from Yongyang," the restaurant has been unable to attract any testimonials on the social restaurant reviews site—regarding chicken wings or otherwise.

Best to not tell that to good Samaritan Psy, who could burp onto YouTube and still attract more than half a million views.

The South Korean superstar may be better served at New York City's new bulgogi cart, Gangnam Style, which Grub Street reports offers $5 chicken and kimchee platters from its ever-changing Midtown habitation.

Photo via Psy/YouTube

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