Philip DeFranco President
Vote for YouTube star Philip DeFranco for President of the World and you might have a little more fun in your life. 
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Trump's presidential campaign predicted by Rage Against the Machine in 1999
Although Donald Trump has considered running for president three times in the past (1988, 2004, and 2012), it's hard to imagine that anybody could have predicted he'd do this well in a serious race. To be fair in 2000 he did win the California primary for the Reform Party's presidential nomination—despite a poll showing his national approval rating to be 30 percent.
Anti-immigration protesters threaten to kill Obama outside White House
Few political battles inspire as much heated rhetoric as immigration reform. Whether you think the government is being unimaginably cruel to young migrants or unbelievably tolerant of job-stealing foreigners, you probably have strong words for decision-makers in Washington and the people who disagree with you.

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