Making panda babies, live on Twitter

The National Zoo offers up some frozen panda love.

Panda procreation has long been a favorite subject for journalists and newshounds alike—perhaps best immortalized by the “Panda Watch” climax of the film, Anchorman. Now, even this bastion of old school journalism has been swept up by the digital age, as the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. live tweets the artificial insemination of Mei Xiang the panda.

Photo via @NationalZoo

Trick-or-treating raccoon will eat literally anything you give it
Meet the garbage disposal of the wild, Rufus the raccoon . YouTube user BackstreetZAFU has reportedly become friends with the lil' trash panda by serving up any snack imaginable. And as more snacks are given, the bond only becomes stronger. Rufus eats the diet of the average college-aged dude, which is literally anything. Watch as the furry fellow chows down on watermelon, sushi, tacos, licorice, and a whole lot more.
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