Either Ohio State University President Gordon Gee is an Internet troll or he fibs to his followers about going to Buckeye games.

On Monday evening, Gee made the following claim to both his Twitter and Facebook accounts:

"Many excited Buckeyes in the Schott [basketball arena] tonight—including me! Ready for the men’s basketball game against Wisconsin."

The one hitch in that claim, as many who follow him were quick to point out, is that Wisconsin doesn't play Ohio State until Tuesday.

"Ghostwriters need to learn how to schedule "tweets" in hoot suite. Whoops," posted Matt Adams.

An hour and a half later, Gee posted a purported clarification: "Just seeing who was paying attention out there. Will try again tomorrow night."

Gee is active on Twitter, having participated in a live interview on the site Friday afternoon, ranging on topics from the value of a college degree to tuition costs.

However, he established himself as a potentially untrustworthy source during the conversation, when one student asked him if he wears boxers or briefs.

"I wear both," he answered. Unlikely story.

Photo via Gordon Gee/Facebook