Occupy Wall Street’s Twitter account occupied by spammers

Or maybe the Occupy movement suddenly cares about credit scores. 

Spammers staged a sit-in on Occupy Wall Street’s Twitter account Thursday morning, yelling at passers-by to check their credit scores.

The official Twitter account of the OWS movement was infiltrated by a spammer urging early-bird followers to check their credit. Though the tweets have since been deleted from the account, BetaBeat noted that they were posted within a short period of time early Thursday.

“Millions shocked at how bad their credit scores are. See it Instantly @profinity” and “A Good Credit Score is 693 & Above See Your Credit Instantly Now !!Check at http://bit.ly/K3uzg8” were among the few spam tweets.

A number of tweeters pointed out that the account had been hacked, with one suggesting that it had fallen victim to a scam virus spreading on Facebook.

At 4:06 am Eastern Time, OWS tweeted that it was working on shutting the hackers down.

Despite a few retweets, the spam campaign doesn’t appear to have made a lot of impact:The @profinity account tagged in one of the spam tweets has just one follower.

Photo by Sunset Parkerpix

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