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The Los Angeles Police Department arrested around 200 protesters late last night in a coordinated sweep of the Occupy encampment.

Los Angeles police cleared out Occupy LA protesters from their encampment at City Hall last night, two days after imposing a deadline for protesters to clear out.

Around 1,400 police took part in the coordinated sweep, arresting about 200 protesters with "absolutely minimal force,” according to Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck.

The police also received high praise from the city’s mayor, Antonio Villaraigosay. "Every one of us should be proud of the police for professional way how officers handled the demonstration," he said at a press conference.

Of course, official versions of police actions at Occupy Wall Street protests often diverge sharply from reality (just ask the students at UC-Davis). So what really happened in Los Angeles last night? University of Southern California student Paresh Dave followed the events on Twitter closely, collating them into the Storify below.

Photo by Benjamin Gottlieb

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