Trekkies to President Obama: "Yes we Vul-can"

This photo of the president with Star Trek actress Nichelle Nichols in the Oval Office has been liked by more than 35,000 people. 

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Many Facebook users hope President Barack Obama will live long and prosper.

Over 35,000 people like a photo of Obama posing in the Oval Office with Nichelle Nichols, the actress who famously portrayed Uhura in the original Star Trek television series. Smiling, the two each hold up a hand, making the show’s famous “Vulcan salute.”

The photo went viral quickly after George Takei, a fellow alum of the the original Star Trek series, posted it to his extremely popular Facebook page.

Nichols first posted the photo herself to her Twitter account Tuesday evening and quickly made it her profile picture.

“I've kept [the photo] for myself for over a week, but now it's time to share it with Trekkers everywhere,” she tweeted.

Fans of both Star Trek and Obama were delighted.

"Yes we Vul-can!" commented Beth Hall.

“Now that I think of it ‘Live Long and Prosper’ would make an excellent campaign slogan,” responded Keith Gretton.

Photo via George Takei/Facebook


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