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The New York Times quietly launches a beta site to preview new online projects.
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Take a ride inside Mercedes's driverless car of the future
BY REBEKAH FERGUSSON AND MOLLY WOOD A sneak peek inside the Mercedes F 015 concept car, the company’s vision of a driverless future. The design turns the car into a shared social space where any passenger can interact with the vehicle.
new york times
Nicki Minaj and Kanye West are right—the VMAs are complete trash
The VMAs killed the video star. 1981 proved to be a blockbuster year for pop culture. CNN celebrated one year of being on air, the first made-for-TV movie was in production, and just one month before Beyoncé Knowles made her entry into this dimension, MTV was born. The network ostensibly splashed onto the scene with a fierce dedication and appreciation for bringing music into the digital age—it was as bold an undertaking as ever. “Behold, a new concept is born. The best o...

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