Navy jet crashes into apartment complex

jet crash
Seven people were injuried in the crash, but both pilots ejected from the jet, according to The Virginian-Pilot.

At the Daily Dot, we’re big fans of Storify. It’s both a tool we use to tell stories and a community of other storytellers. When the Web reacts to a big news event, we’ll use Storify to bring you the best recaps and explainers.

A Navy F-18 jet crashed into an apartment complex in Virginia Beach, Va. on Friday afternoon. There were seven reported injuries and damage to at least five buildings, but both pilots ejected safely, according to local officials.

Newspaper The Virginian-Pilot was quick to respond to the scene and has been updating followers with a substantial Storify account, collecting stunning images, news video recaps, and a steady stream of tweets from residents, officials, and reporters.

Taken together, the Storify offers an impressive—and continuously updated—report that covers the accident from seemingly every possible vantage point.

Photo by @13NewsLopez/Twitter

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