If you were waiting for Target's Missoni line to come out, you were in good company. The line was apparently too popular for Target's own good.

For some it was a successful shopping trip, but for others it was simply Missoni impossible.

The Italian upscale fashion label launched its affordable line at Target today, but the high anticipation forced the retailer’s website to shutter, long lines to form at stores and foamy-mouthed fashionistas (and fashionistos) to air their grievances on Twitter.

“Beyond fucking pissed, Target sold out of Missoni...” tweeted Dana Burkard. Another shopper tweeted, “Both Targets I went to sold out in 15 minutes...#sadface.”

Missoni is a trending topic on Twitter in the United States. Topsy, a social monitoring site, measured nearly 8,000 tweets in just 24 hours.

The pain continued for those who wanted to avoid heading into the store by shoppng online. Website visitors were greeted with a message saying Target.com was down. The site fell offline this morning and is only starting to creep back online this evening.

“Our Missoni launch has created site traffic to rival Black Friday,” said a tweet from Target. “We’re working to return the site to its smooth running self.”

A black market for Missoni for Target items is starting to appear on eBay. People are auctioning items way above retail -- buyers are paying for it. A travel bag is going for $63 (regularly $19.99) and a suitcase is up to $255 (regularly $199).

But if you can’t wait for it to return, Racked.com offers an old-fashioned approach: call Target and order what you want.

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