Five days after Japanese pop singer Minami Minegishi shaved her head and took to YouTube to apologize for breaking the industry's cardinal "No Boys Allowed" rule, the singer returned to the stage and acted as if the whole thing hadn't happened.

Appearing in Japan as a newly regaled "trainee" for the vastly famous Japanese girl pop group AKB48, Minegishi—who just Friday had appeared on video with a freshly shaven scalp—now maintained a mane that parted on the right and descended down to her shoulders. 

The change in appearance caught many of AKB48's fans off guard until they realized the singer was actually wearing a wig—which basically means that the entire shaving episode was all for naught. Had those displeased with her actions wanted to shame her for such a short moment, they should have made her get a temporary tattoo.

Minegishi's wig mini-scandal wasn't the only fallout from last week's also somewhat scandalous news. Kotaku reports that the pop star's YouTube apology is currently down—or rather, its access has been changed to private, which makes it publicly unviewable, which is weird, because 6 million people have already seen it. 

Japanese pop culture, I must admit that I will never fully understand you. 

Photos via LuckyNumber48 and Ooozmin/Tumblr

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