The Lonely Island's new video is about spring break (sort of)

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Spoiler: It's also about men marrying each other.

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  • Do you like games and good causes? Do you have literally any amount of money? The Humble Double Fine Bundle is for you!
  • The first trailer for Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s highly-anticipated The World’s End is here.
  • 8 unexpectedly good dancers, captured in GIF form.
  • The Lonely Island crashes Zack Galifianakis’s “Between Two Ferns” to drop their new music video, which is about spring break. Sort of. 

spring break
Jealous boyfriend crowdfunds campaign to oversee his girlfriend's vacation
Guys, don't try this at home. Or on vacation. Or anywhere. Azel Prather Jr. may have gotten 25 people to support his $300 crowdfunding campaign to "oversee all parties and fun activity" for his girlfriend while she enjoys spring break in Miami, but that can't have done him any favors in the love department.
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