Justin Bieber's Twitter prank leads to potential lawsuit

Justin Bieber
A Texan couple reportedly received thousands of calls after the pop star tweeted a phone number.

A Texan couple is threatening legal action against Justin Bieber after receiving thousands of phone calls shortly after the pop star tweeted a phone number, TMZ reported.

The tweet containing the phone number had the caption “call me now.” However, the phone number was missing its final digit, leaving Justin Bieber’s nearly 19 million followers to guess what it might be.

The tweet has since been deleted, but not before teenage girls started blowing up the Texan couple’s phone.

Dilicie and Kent’s lawyer has stated that the couple is now looking for compensation.

Suggestions from the legal team have apparently included tickets for the couple’s grandchildren, an apology from Bieber, an endorsement for an online project created by Kent, and monetary compensation.

Photo by  iloveJB123

justin bieber
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