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He's just like you and me: Mark Zuckerberg texts and drives. 

Yesterday, social question-and-answer app Jelly debuted, and the world went "what the hell, why do we need this?" and Biz Stone was like "ALTRUISTIC SOCIAL SEARCH!" and then the Internet shrugged.

Jelly lets users take a picture of a thing they’re confused about and ask their wider social circles on Facebook and Twitter to explain that thing. We found it pretty useless — but then Yahoo mobile product manager Ben Schaechter uploaded a photo of a dude who looks a whole lot like Mark Zuckerberg texting while driving and posted it to Jelly and asked “Mark Zuckerberg texting while driving. How do you respond?”

So Jelly does have a point, albeit not one it intended to have. It’s a great way to shame others, and yourself! Wondering if you should be eating your fifth Cheesy Gordita? Take a picture of it on Jelly and ask if people think it’s a healthy dinner! See Justin Bieber peeing on an inanimate object? Jelly-shame that baby-faced YOLO monster!

In all seriousness, though, why is Mark Zuckerberg texting while driving? Why isn’t a robot driving his car for him? If I was Mark Zuckerberg, I would employ a robot for my driving needs.

Schaechter was understandably excitable after his drive-by run-in with the Hoodie, and posted the texting picture to Facebook back in December (when he actually took it) as well: 


Mark Zuckerberg has not publicly confirmed that it was him driving the car, but if you look closely in the picture, focusing on the subject’s eyes, you will see a zeal for targeted advertising that could radiate from no one else.

Also, we like to believe that he was Facebooking and driving. 

H/T Valleywag | Name | Photo via Reuters

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