Director James Cameron tweets from the deep

Cameron sent a tweet from the bottom of the Mariana Trench on Sunday: "Hitting bottom never felt so good." 

James Cameron may have sent the world’s deepest tweet, and we don’t mean the most thought-provoking.

The film director and deep-sea explorer sent a tweet from the bottom of the Mariana Trench. In doing so, he became the first person to reach the the deepest point on the Earth’s surface on a solo mission.

Upon reaching Challenger Deep on Sunday, Cameron tweeted, “Just arrived at the ocean's deepest pt. Hitting bottom never felt so good. Can't wait to share what I'm seeing w/ you @DeepChallenge.”

Stars such as Jessica Alba and Arnold Schwarzenegger, both of whom have worked with Cameron, supported the mission and were retweeted by the account @DeepChallenge, which provided real-time updates on Cameron’s dive.

Meanwhile, @DeepChallenge revealed that Cameron’s last words before the descent were “Release! Release! Release!”

“James Cameron” was a trending topic worldwide on Twitter Monday, with some congratulating him on his effort and others making a few jokes.

“Director James Cameron has gone where no man has gone before: to the deepest depths of the ocean. Congratulations !! [Live Long and Prosper],” wrote Leonard Nimoy.

“James Cameron went to the depths of the ocean. Today, I follow his lead, and go to 114th and Broadway,” tweeted Alec Baldwin.

Fellow writer and director Ken Levine quipped, “James Cameron reaches the Earth's deepest point, traveling nearly 7 miles undersea. There he found my copy of "My Heart Will Go On."

Photo by jurvetson

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