Indian woman faces five years in prison for ranting against police on Facebook

Heena Bakshi took her anger at the local police to their Facebook page, where she declared them "lazy" and "bribed."

An Indian woman has been charged with making “objectionable comments” after she vented her frustration with local police on their Facebook page.

Heena Bakshi, 22, whose SUV was stolen in August, said police took a month to register her complaint. On Friday, she took her anger to the city of Chandigarh’s traffic police page.

“I will protest outside all ur offices unless u move ur lazy heavy bribe-d A$%es and take some f$%*in action," she wrote, threatening to share her story with local media, according to NDTV.

In response, police charged her with violating sections 66A and 67 of the Information Technology Act, which respectively prohibit sending “offensive” and “obscene” messages online.

Bakshi’s mother told the Times of India "My daughter was only expressing her anguish.” She added: “I don't think she has done anything wrong.”

Though Bakshi could face up to five years in prison for her charges, Chandigarh home secretary Anil Kumar, in response to public outcry on Bakshi’s behalf, said police would take "a lenient view" of her charges.

However, he added, "youngsters should be careful and responsible in” when engaging in “communication with a government department or official page."

Photo by By NavRooZ.Singh/Flickr

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