Irene Tien
Hurricane Irene boosted Irene Tien's Twitter followers—but now that the storm has passed, what will she tell them?
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hurricane irene
Hurricane Irene mayorship? Harder than you'd think
As Hurricane Irene threatens the east coast, residents in its path are taking the appropriate precautions: stocking up on toilet paper, boarding up the windows and most importantly, checking into Hurricane Irene on Foursquare. Eager Foursquare users have already set up several venues, or check-in sites, for Hurricane Irene. (Your check-in point is different depending on your city, but here’s New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC for starters.) However, not one of these ...
hurricane irene
Live updates of Hurricane Irene
As Hurricane Irene crawls up the East Coast, we will monitor  the storm, and bring you information using  Storify. Throughout the next few days, check back here for the latest information, TwitPics and reaction from Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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