Donald Trump has joined the vaunted company of Burger King and Jeep by falling victim to a Twitter hack.

The businessman tweeted Thursday lunchtime that his account had been  “seriously hacked,” and the announcement garnered hundreds of retweets within just a few minutes.

It seems whoever gained access to Trump’s account didn't have much time to cause chaos. Trump (or whoever helps him run his feed) appeared to quickly delete a tweet posted by the perpetrators. Not quickly enough, however, to keep social media search engine Topsy from indexing the offending message:

Of course, a cynic might say Trump wasn't really hacked, and it was an attention seeking ploy in the vein of the MTV and BET fake-hacking fiasco (and heaven forbid Trump be known as an attention seeker).

Like the Burger King hacker, whoever took over Trump's account seems to be a hip-hop fan, although that doesn't mean it's the same culprit. The message on Trump's account is a line by rapper Lil Wayne, while the Burger King hacker name-dropped artists like Chief Keef and T-Shyne.

We named Trump one of the 10 most influential people on Twitter for 2012, largely because of his frequent angry outbursts and attempts at trolling.

Photo via Adam Nguyen/YouTube