Eleanor Day had a cochlear implant at Seattle's Swedish Medical Center, as Twitter and Instagram users looked on. 

A woman undergoing surgery to restore her hearing had the procedure shared with the entire world Tuesday.

Eleanor Day had a cochlear implant at Seattle's Swedish Medical Center, as Twitter and Instagram users looked on. Communication team members shared updates in both communities while Dr. Douglas Backous carried out the procedure.

The facility live-tweeted and Instagrammed proceedings to increase awareness for hearing loss and the implant, which works by sending sound signals directly to electrodes attached to the cochlea, skipping the ear canal and eardrum.

Day, 79, has been unable to hear anything for the last five years, but she’ll have to wait a while longer, as the implants will not be switched on for two weeks.

The surgery was completed without any problems, and Mrs. Day’s now in recovery. Here’s how it all played out. (Warning: graphic images ahead.)

Photo via @instadroo/Instagram

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