Drag queen protests Russia's anti-gay laws by sewing mouth shut

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Watch YouTube drag makeup tutorial star Barbie Breakout launch her own silent protest.

Berlin-based DJ, drag queen, and YouTube star Barbie Breakout is known for her transformative drag makeup and wig tutorials. Recently, she used the video platform to send a different message.

She’s been very vocal on her Facebook page about Vladimir Putin’s crusade against Russian LGBT youth, which has been facilitated by the social network VK. Anti-gay extremists have taken to creating fake social media profiles in order to target LGBT youths. They then use video or photos to publicly shame and bully them.

In late July, Breakout released this video, titled “Open Your Mouth,” in which she silently sews her mouth shut with a needle and thread, in protest of Russia’s new laws. She told German newspaper Die Welt:

"The pain I felt inside when I had to see in the media what is happening in Russia was greater than the physical pain of the needle. My partner held the camera while I did it. But he couldn't look.”

Warning: This video is very graphic, and YouTube has restricted it to ages 18 and older.

Screenshot via the Barbiebreakout/YouTube

In Russia, LGBT teens are being targeted by "pedophile fighters"
Vladimir Putin’s crusade against the LGBT community in Russia has been well-documented. He just signed a law banning gay couples from adopting. In April, a law was proposed by St. Petersburg city council member Vitaly Milonov, that would criminalize gay “propaganda” and pro-gay speech among minors. It was signed into law last month. It could also be used to detain gay tourists, which should make Russia’s 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi interesting.
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