Zero Dark Thirty + The Dark Knight = Oscar?

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  • Your action movie word of the day: defenestration!
  • This brand has logos, iPad app designs, t-shirts and more. What it doesn’t have is ... a product.
  • Angry Ginger Kid gets his Web Redemption on Tosh.0.
  • Batman hunts down Osama Bin Laden in Zero Dark Knight Thirty:

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Amtrak train smashes truck carrying a lifetime supply of bacon
An Amtrak train carrying 203 passengers collided on Friday afternoon with a truck hauling tens of thousands of pounds of bacon. There were no immediate reports of injuries.
Industrial design student engineers a knife-proof Batsuit
In the Christopher Nolan movies, Bruce Wayne has his friend Lucius Fox to design Batman’s combat suits. In the real world, USA Today discovered that crime fighters have industrial design student Jackson Gordon.
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