From the Internet that brought you goats yelling like humans, it’s ... seals yelling like humans! 

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  • Psy’s little helper from the “Gangnam Style” video is going solo.
  • Making robots smarter by giving them a shared brain in the cloud.
  • Is it cheating at Where’s Waldo? if Waldo is animated in a GIF?
  • From the Internet that brought you goats yelling like humans, it’s ... seals yelling like humans! 

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Seal surfing on the back of a whale is everything cool at once
Fans of the 1991 action film Point Break are unhappy with the impending release of the remake that seems to erase the very thing that was the heart of the original: surfing.
Facebook might add the Dislike button
Last night at Facebook HQ, CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave a public Q&A, similar to the one he held back in November. The evening was full of praises for Zuckerberg and his company, and lots of fluff questions were thrown the CEO’s way. But one brave soul dared ask Zuck what the Internet at large has been asking for years:

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