The malnourished pup was saved after a massive search and rescue that was inspired by a simple post on Facebook.

A dog with its head stuck in a bowl was saved after a woman posted a photo of it to Facebook where it inspired more than a dozen people to come to its rescue.

On Friday Beth-Andy Kohn Gresham was on her break in Memphis, Tenn., when she saw the dog laying down with its head stuck in a bowl.

“[I] got within 15-20 feet and it raised its head but went into the woods,” Gresham wrote on Facebook.

Luckily, the dog reappeared long enough for Gresham to snap a photo (below) which she uploaded to Facebook.

The post collected more than 300 comments and helped inspired more than a dozen people to search for the pooch Saturday—in woods where “you sink to your ankles” and that were thick with briars, brush, and “other obstacles,” Gresham wrote.

Then late Saturday afternoon Gresham and her team of volunteers found the dog and used container cutters to free him. She posted this video of the dog, appropriately named Miracle, to celebrate its freedom.

“Miracle is worth it!  She is just precious,” Gresham wrote. “Was able to visit with her at the vets office.”

Photo by Beth-Andy Kohn Gresham

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