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What's the hometown newspaper of the World Wide Web all about? You.

For months, the Daily Dot—the website you're reading now—has been operating in relative stealth, in an invitation-only private beta test. That changed early Tuesday morning, when we took the wraps off our site and let the world in.

The same day we launched, we saw big news unfold as the east coast shook, putting the premise that we can cover the world from the point of view of online communities to the test. I'm proud of how our team responded, using data, real-time news tools like Storify, and old-fashioned reporting to tell the story.

But we still need to tell our own story. The Daily Dot styles itself as the "hometown newspaper of the World Wide Web." That means we cover online communities first and foremost as communities—not businesses, technologies, fads, or curiosities. We're just getting started and we welcome your feedback.

Here's a video that helps explain more of what we do:

And here's a wrap-up of what people have been saying about us since we launched:

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