A teenager in Wisconsin was arrested over the weekend for making a YouTube video that depicted students getting shot outside of his high school in the Forest County town of Crandon. 

The video, which police say was shot on an iPhone, contained no weapons of any kind, but received some post-production editing from the culprit. He superimposed the scene with graphics of guns, blood splatters, and violent sound effects. 

Forest County superintendent James Asher told WTAQ that the video has since been removed from YouTube.

The student was arrested after police received a tip from an area parent, who came across the distasteful video and reported it to authorities. 

According to the Forest County Sheriff's department, the video was made in poor judgment but did not seem to harm students or school members in any way. 

A letter sent to area parents explained that the arrest was made in part because of heightened security efforts in the wake of December's mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. 

Photo via Bluhousworker/Flickr