Costa Rican vice minister fired for racy YouTube video

Costa Rican delegate Karina Bolaños was removed from her post after a private message to her extramarital lover surfaced on YouTube. 

"Little man" just got his big mama in big trouble.

Costa Rican delegate Karina Bolaños has been unceremoniously removed from her post as deputy minister of culture and youth after a racy video showing Bolaños dressed in nothing but her underwear surfaced on YouTube.

In the video, Bolaños, 39, is found delivering a should've-been-kept-private message to her extramarital lover, an individual Bolaños affectionately refers to as "Pequis" and "Little man" during the minute-long video.

"I miss you. I love you with all my soul. And everything that you see here is yours," she tells "Little man."

Uploaded to the YouTube channel Tosgf on July 29, the video—titled "Vice Ministra de Juventud Karina Bolaños Haciendo un video a su Amante "Pequis", esta Sola…,"—has already received more than 1.4 million views and spawned a bevy of carbon copies. One search for "Karina Bolanos" on YouTube yields more than a page worth of reprints, each coming from a different channel.

Bolaños told CNN en Español that was removed from her position before she had the chance to defend herself. As she tells it, the video was shot during a time in 2007 when she was separated from her husband. It was unearthed after a computer engineer hired to install security cameras in her home ripped the video off her hard drive and tried to use it as blackmail.

"It is very difficult to prove because he is a computer engineer and he is one of those people that hacks and steals accounts," she told CNN en Español. "And, because my husband is a congressman and I am a vice minister, he took advantage of the situation to get money out of us."

Photo via YouTube

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