Craft beer company Brewdog is creating a new tipple, and it wants Twitter users to hop to it with suggestions.

In a blog post, the Scottish company said it's opening up the process of brewing beer to a democratic vote, at least for one blend. 

We have always been inspired by the passion, knowledge and enthusiasm of craft beer drinkers. We have decided that democratic beer is the future and we are giving up the important brewing decisions to our fans, customers and anyone who wants to learn more about the craft brewing process and cast their vote.

Each day next week, the group will offer three options for different elements of the crowdsourced beer. So, you can weigh in with your choice for the style of beer, type of hops, and the name, among other aspects. 

It's your chance, said Brewdog, to do unusual things with beer, like brewing "a raisin-infused 15% porter or a Double IPA aged in rum casks." Those sound off the chain.

The company will put each element to a vote on Twitter (with the hashtag #mashtag) Facebook and its blog. There's an educational element to the stunt as well. Its staff will explain the "different parts of the brewing process, the importance of the different ingredients, and outlining how the different decisions you make will [affect] the final beer."

Maybe reddit's r/homebrewing section will have an opinion or two to share.

If you've no idea what beer brewing is all about, here's a primer from Brewdog:

Photo via Brewdog