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Some redditors are up in arms over the banning of a controversial subreddit. The hidden truth may be a little more prosaic. 
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Why did Instagram remove this photo of a fully clothed menstruating woman?
Menstruation is still highly taboo in our society. Women hide tampons in the deepest corners of their purses for fear of them falling out in public, and they avoid wearing white pants even when they're not actually menstruating. But one woman is working to change how we view that time of month.
High school suspends student editor for refusing to print the word 'redskins'
A year-long standoff between a Pennsylvania high school administration and its student body newspaper has resulted in suspensions, a $1200 fine, and an IndieGoGo campaign in protest—all because the student editorial staff of the paper is refusing to print the word "Redskins."

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