Baltimore bus driver suspended after fight caught on YouTube

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Police are reviewing bus surveillance tapes in addition to the YouTube video to determine who started the fight.

A Baltimore bus driver has been suspended without pay after a YouTube video showed up in her supervisor’s inbox detailing a fight the on-duty operator had with a passenger.

The driver, whose name is still private, now faces a police investigation for her role in the altercation, which occurred Monday afternoon on Baltimore's No. 40 bus line.

According to Maryland Transit Authority spokesman Terry Owens, the Baltimore Police Department will comb through the YouTube video and the bus' surveillance tape to determine the role the driver played in starting the fight.

That the BPD will be able to pull from the surveillance tape is a win for objective justice. The YouTube video, titled "MTA Bus Driver Fights Student on Bus in Baltimore," begins with the two aggressors already engaged in combat, making it hard to tell for sure who started what—though video uploader sweetkarma12able attests in the clip's description that the bus driver planted the first punch.

This is the second time this autumn that a bus driver has been suspended without pay because of i an altercation while on duty got caught on camera. In October, a Cleveland bus driver was filmed punching and choking a female passenger and told to take a leave of absence.

Photo via sweetkarma12able/YouTube

bus driver
Bus driver suspended for punching teenage girl
A Cleveland bus driver has been suspended after a video that showed him punching and choking a female passenger surfaced online, WKYC reported.
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