canvas roundup feature image oct.21
Sebastian Bach, Futurama, Obama brought you donuts, and way too much audio. All this and more this week on Canvas.

It was pretty quiet on Canvas this week until the staff unveiled a new feature Thursday which allows you to add audio to images posted on the site.

The new remix audio editor allows users to add audio from YouTube videos to any image and edit the audio to start and end where you want it. All you need to do is find the YouTube clip you want and cut and paste it into the Canvas audio editor.

The announcement was a huge hit with Canvas users, who have been fast at work remixing audio into images of Futurama, cats, and Beethoven.

Aside from that, here’s what else happened on Canvas for the week of Oct. 21.

  • It’s feeding time at the zoo.
  • Forget the Nyan cat. How about the Windows logo flying through space?
  • Retro Spiderman is a stud.
  • Whoever said lively discussion doesn’t happen on imageboards never saw this post.
  • This is how men feel when wearing tool belts


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