From licking a stack of crunchy Taco Bell tacos to making out with a mound of KFC mashed potatoes shaped like pair of boobs, working in fast food will make people do crazy things. This includes getting down on the floor to "gobble [Wendy's] Frosty like a crackwhore."

This was the case for one unlucky Wendy's employee who was caught on camera Wednesday sucking down that delicious vanilla nectar straight from the machine.


The above photo of the unidentified employee was posted Thursday on Reddit, where users had some fun at the man’s expense.


The Reddit thread ultimately found its way to Wendy's corporate, which quickly dropped the hammer on the employee.



Since being fired, the man has deleted his Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit accounts. But apparently he wasn't quick enough. One Reddit user who knows him posted this photo from his Facebook to drive home the point that this guy is indeed a real, Frosty-guzzling person.


"[I] feel bad for him he was just fucking around and is normally a pretty chill dude," Marshm3llo12 commented

Photos via Reddit