Vine user Brittlestar has a simple request: Put your finger on a certain spot on your screen.

Before you know it, you’re causing chaos in Brittlestar’s world—flicking a switch, tickling a child, and spilling his drink.

It's one of the most inventive Vines we've seen lately. It's up there with the backseat "Blurred Lines" dance as one of the most joyful as well.

We have an idea of how he pulled this off. A few months back, top Viner Ian Padgham showed how to create a 360-degree view of an object using tape and a marker. 

Chances are Brittlestar used a similar approach. We're not sure how he made his drink violently slosh around, however. We'll put that down to magic.

H/T Caroline Moss | Screenshot via Brittlestar/Vine