She knocks out a man with one kick to the solar plexus. She ushers his victim to safety. The whole thing was seemingly picked up on a well-placed dash cam. Too good to be real, right?

The clip shows a man and woman arguing. The woman tries to get away, but he restrains her; she lashes back; both parties hit each other. The man looks to be overpowering the woman until two schoolgirls in backpacks show up and intervene.

When the man confronts one of the girls, she swiftly kicks him straight in the chest. He goes down immediately. The girl then walks away with the woman on her arm.

Redditors on the r/videos forum aren’t too sure “School girl justice” is real. Turns out, the girl in the video is a trained Tae Kwon Do World champion named Olga Ivanova. That doesn’t mean the video is staged—could be that a fighter just happened to be in the right place at the right time. 

But it could always be Jimmy Kimmel.

H/T Reddit | Photo via YouTube