The milk was in the wrong cup. Mom bit his chunk of cheese in half. The yogurt was bad. The milk wasn't juice. His grandmother wouldn't let him throw a big cup of ice in her face at a restaurant. 

There are many reasons why a baby boy might cry. One parent has turned to Tumblr to capture all of them. 

In the week-old Reasons My Son Is Crying, a nameless toddler with dirty blond hair and a penchant for breaking out the waterworks shows that pain and suffering are hardly the only reasons a child might devolve into full-on faucet mode. It might just be that he's out of pretzel sticks and he really wants some more pretzel sticks. 

Here's a quick run through of every reason why this cute little kid may have cried in the past week.

Photo via Reasons My Son Is Crying/Tumblr