Whether they're using dozens of candles or enlisting the help of a popular novelty account, Reddit users are some of the most creative when it comes to marriage proposals.

Reddit did not disappoint Sunday when the longtime boyfriend and fellow physicist of bogus_wheel got down on one knee and handed his gal a paper titled "Two Body Interactions: A Longitudinal Study."

The study is formatted like a legitimate academic paper and features a graph of happiness over time, an abstract, and scientific words like "oscillating."

The proposal was a huge hit on Reddit's r/funny forum, where users joked about the legitimacy of the study.

"No control group, inadequate sample size, and unwarranted assumptions about future conditions ... but yeah, congratulations," lonelycannibal commented

"While innovative and emotionally appealing, the submitted paper fails to cite any of its sources and skims over its methodology," alteredlithium added. "As such, I cannot in good conscience recommend it for publication."

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Photo by Canon in 2D/Flickr