An airport outside of London is learning that posting a photo of a plane accident on its Facebook page was probably the stupidest thing ever.

London Luton, a small airport 40 miles north of the English capital city, is apologizing "unreservedly" after a picture showing the aftermath of plane crash at Chicago Midway Airport from 2005 was posted with an inappropriate caption bragging about its safety procedures. 

"Because we are such a super airport...this is what we prevent you from when it snows...Weeeee :)," it said. 

Huffington Post U.K. grabbed a screenshot of the posting that showed the moments after a Southwest Airlines 737 glided off a snowy runway and killed a child in a nearby vehicle.

The post remained online for about an hour Wednesday morning. An airport spokeswoman is apologizing for the post, calling it "unacceptable and insensitive." They shoved the blame on a new and overeager employee looking to maintain the page's off-kilter humor

"We have Social Media guidelines that clearly outline what is acceptable, however in this instance a new, over-enthusiastic member of our support team made an honest but misguided mistake and clearly stepped over the line," the spokesperson said.

H/T Huffington Post U.K. | Photo via Facebook