The world continues to throw the muzzle on the mojo of a 9-year-old rapper who makes his business slapping beautiful adult women on the rear end. Today, you can't even turn to YouTube to watch him do it. 

YouTube removed the video titled "Lil Poopy Gettin' It In," making it the first Poopy-featured video to be cut from the site since the department of Children and Families first started investigating potential child abuse charges against the 9-year-old Massachusetts rapper on Monday. 

The video, which found Poopy (real name Luie Rivera Jr.) rhythmically applying his bare fist to a number of women's derrieres in a Connecticut club, got taken off the site on Wednesday afternoon. YouTube, which would not disclose the specific reason for its removal, notified wishful viewers on the video's page that it had "violated YouTube's Terms of Service."

As far as 9-year-old rappers go, Lil Poopy categories as "somewhat accomplished." He's shared the stage with P. Diddy, has more than 5,000 Twitter followers, and reportedly makes around $7,500 a performance.

He's also got one of the greatest names in the history of rap music—something so simple yet so clever that only a wide-eyed child could have come up with it.

He's been a hot topic on the Internet this week since news broke that the 9-year-old had been reported to Massachusetts' Department of Children and Families on Monday. YouTube age-restricted the video for "Lil Poopy Gettin' It In" on Tuesday, making it viewable to users 18 and over, which meant that the 9-year-old couldn't even watch himself.

Poopy's father, Luis Rivera, is currently under investigation by the DCF. On Wednesday, The Boston Herald reported that Rivera has had a number of run-ins with the law, including a drug charge in 2010 and a "handful of criminal cases."

None of that history has anything to do with the child abuse charges being looked into this week, Rivera's lawyer told The Boston Herald. The whole thing's all about the hands on the tushies. 

Photo via Rebecca Reyes/YouTube