Between Mark Zuckerberg's hoodies and Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey's shameless selfies, tech billionaires' teenage tendencies are just an inescapable part of the industry now.

Dorsey has been regressing fast on Twitter since late last week, posting videos of himself on Vine—the company's video sharing app that just upgraded its software to allow people to use their front-facing camera—staring straight into the camera while waves crash behind him, some stranger plays the saxophone, and cars whoosh by on the Golden Gate Bridge

It's scaring some people.

"Half a head. The sunglasses. Toothpick. Confused onlookers. With each iteration, less and less expression," wrote Valleywag's Sam Biddle. "At this pace, Dorsey will transmogrify into pure Grecian marble before June, paralyzed by his own powerful bone structure."

Dorsey's videos are so strange and mundane, it got us wondering. If Dorsey could film his own face anywhere or anytime in history, where would he go?

Tanks rolling out during WWII


Police pepper-spraying University of California students

Somebody on the toilet


The moon landing


Jennifer Lawrence tripping at the Oscars


George W. Bush dancing in Africa


H/T Valleywag | GIFs by Jason Reed | Main art background by Arria Belli