Dogs hate being put in their kennel crates—well, unless you're talking about this dog. But by and large, it’s an indignity to be protested with every method of resistance at a canine’s disposal. Blaze, an 11-month-old Husky pup, fortunately has the gift of language with which to appeal such a decision, and he’s not afraid to overuse the single emphatic word in his vocabulary: “No.”

To get Blaze to give up his freedom (and the primo sunny carpet space he’s staked out for a nap) therefore requires a bit of cajoling from his humans, all of which is met with squirming and moans and utter non-cooperation. It’s like a congressional debate only cuter!

The good news, as related by owner John Ventresco, who uploaded the video to YouTube: “He (Blaze) didn't actually need to go in his kennel this time... was just teasing him =).” We hope he enjoyed the reprieve; perhaps after a few more acts of kindness he’ll even learn a new phrase.

Photo via John Ventresco/YouTube